Parks are for the boys.


With bike park season in full swing it’s time to sit back and reflect on an epic trip I had with the boys this time last year. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell how much fun you’re having until you look back later on.


Riding bikes has the ability to turn friends into brothers. A great trip can reinforce the bond, and as I look back I know how blessed I am to have some solid dudes who rip, in my life to share this stuff with. IMG_1290

Coors light can be hard to drink when you start off, but after about your 6th or 9th one, they start going down pretty easy. At altitude though, game changer, for sure. You know the crew can put it away when you can hardly carry the back pack because it’s got over 20 beers in it, and you end up running out after an hour into the night. IMG_1277 - Copy

Mammoth mountain is an amazing place. On this trip we were lucky beyond belief to have perfect weather and conditions, as well as an entire half of the mountain to ourselves. Needless to say, the level of shred was at an all time high.

Whenever I’m waiting in line for the chairlift, and I hear someone complain about the line being long, or a trail being less than perfect, I feel like saying “Are you fucking serious?” Do you have any idea at all how lucky you are to be doing what you are doing right at this moment? You have to understand the privilege you are experiencing to be able to fully appreciate riding a chairlift up a mountain. Not many can say they have had the pleasure.

IMG_1275IMG_1268IMG_1283IMG_1303IMG_1285IMG_1264IMG_1273IMG_1305 - Copy

It’s hard to have a weekend full of mountain biking, drinking, and rowdiness without any unnecessary casualties. But this weekend we dodged some bullets. No mechanicals, no crashes, and minimal hangovers. We rode hard everyday, and without a doubt, the MVP of the weekend was Joe. He sent it bigger than all of us. At times having me and Alex scratching our heads or shitting our pants. We all rode clean and consistent, but Joe was on another level this weekend.

This post is dedicated to Alex and Joe, and sometimes Chad, when he blesses us with his presence. I won’t be making it this year, but I’ll be racing over here for you guys back home. 2016 won’t be the last year we ride an epic bike park together. Cheers.

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