When the forest is watching…

98% of my riding is alone. With music. Most of the time I just go, without letting anyone know when, or where I’ll be. It’s my personal freedom, but sometimes, I’m not alone, and I can feel it.

A few years ago, I was riding a trail in San Diego and I had this sickening inclination something was watching me while I blasted through a tight knit single track along the rural mountain side. Later that same week, a 90lb female mountain lion was hit and killed by a car at the bottom of the same trail I was riding.

Two weeks ago I was riding alone again, this time in the dense Thai jungle near my home. There is never anyone on the trail, but during one part of the trail where I have to hike, I got that eerie sinking feeling I was being watched again. I later found out a native hill tribe on the same mountain recently had one of their cows mutilated and eaten by a tiger that roams the area.

So if you’re wondering if the video is sped up at all. I promise you, it is not. There are tigers here, and you’d be riding fast too.

Music Credit: Social Distortion “Don’t drag me down” Misfits “Dig up her bones” Stonesour “Say you’ll haunt me”

  1. Loving the singletrack video. I’m taking a rad road trip to Oregon, Bend and some other areas in two weeks. Glad to be getting out and riding some new -to -me trails!


  2. Ya bud loving it I’m living through you thoug I still hate you for your manual abilities good sesh this am with Al you and me keep on keeping on bro


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