Don’t ever call it a comeback.

Life can be crazy sometimes. One minute, you’re riding a far off location in the world, living your dreams, the next, well, you’re back at work where you started. Inspiration comes from the most unexpected places, and while I never expected to write another blog post, I decided to fire it up again, bigger and… Continue Reading

Racing the storm.

I survived my first typhoon here in the Philippines. In fact, I actually raced in the most violent downpour I’ve ever seen, and it was everything I expected it to be. I have never seen rain like that before and now when I watch racers complain about racing in weather, I know exactly what they… Continue Reading

Dumaguete. The best place you might never ride.

What if I told you, there was an island city where locals have been spent their lives building the most perfect flowing singletrack? Complete with the berms, jumps, hips and gaps which your dreams are made of? I’m blessed to have ridden whistler multiple times. Coast gravity park, mammoth, Bellingham, and almost everywhere in between.… Continue Reading

Not your everyday surf trip.

 I didn’t even know there was surf here in the Philippines. For some reason, I always pictured Cloud 9 in Indonesia or Fiji for some reason. But once I started looking into it, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was about to be. In lieu of a riding trip in Dumaguete, we would instead travel… Continue Reading

The Chillippines.

I tend to keep a loose itinerary when traveling. It’s always worked best for me. One contact will lead to this contact and so on. So when I met my friend Epos while racing in Thailand, I knew I’d be spending some time with him in the Philippines. It would prove to be the most… Continue Reading

Only a racer knows.

It’s been over ten years since I’ve raced. I was sure my racing days were over. Yet there I was, blitzing through the Thai jungle at full race speed. Slipping, sliding, and pinging through rocks and roots on the quest for the perfect line. Crashing was inevitable, and no one was safe. I was passing… Continue Reading